Time Out Amsterdam

Production manager and designer

As Production Manager of Time Out Amsterdam, I was responsible for the initial set-up of all the pages for the Amsterdam edition of this global ‘what’s on’ magazine. We needed to set up the template for our 100 page publication with all page styles in place then fill and print the beast within one month, in time for our launch.

The Time Out brand has strict guidelines as to how the pages should look – colours, fonts, sizes, headers, subs, stand-firsts, pull-quotes, writer and illustrator credits, page tabs, footers, listings sizes and styles, ad sizes and layout and so on. With a very tight deadline for our first issue and working alongside our Art Director and Senior Designer (and the Time Out brand consultant in London), I set up an understandable, workable template, broken down section by section, so that freelancers, interns, editors and designers alike could easily plug into and work with it.

Alongside the monthly set-up of each magazine – the placement of ads, sections, date footers etc. – I also lay claim to certain sections of the magazine to lay-out and design. Typesetting and page design went hand-in-hand with illustrating articles, writing photo captions and generally making everything ‘fit’ while working closely with the section editors to make sure any cuts to text were the right ones.