London Calling Illustration

Time Out Amsterdam

Illustration and page layout

Another bespoke illustration and page layout design for Time Out Amsterdam. The article was on the mini-festival ‘London Calling‘, held each year at Amsterdam’s premier gig venue – Paradiso.

The weekend of music focuses on all things new and ‘indie’ coming not only out of London, but also from around the world. With this in mind the idea behind the illustration was to capture the lo-fi gig poster feel of pre-photoshop days. So I digitally laid out my collage of ┬ásome of the bands playing that weekend, then following along the collage vibe, I printed, then photo-copied, a black and white version of the colour original, scanned it and placed it back on top of the digital file and, with a bit of layering, opacity and manipulation ended up with the messy, 1980s feel I was after. Made me feel like I was 18 again.