Amsterdam Weekly

Ad design and page layout

After four years of on-and-off-again freelancing at Amsterdam’s award-winning, coolest english language cultural paper, I finally badgered the good folk there enough to give me the job as full-time ad designer. From these humble beginnings, I moved on to laying out the Agenda section of the paper and discovered my love of all things typeset, deadlined and newspaper-y.

Sourcing images, contacting photographers, proofreading, designing and managing the weekly ads, laying out the magazine alongside the editors and art director every week were the primary duties involved. As well as brewing the occasional pot of coffee, picking up a sack-full of Surinamse Broodjes for lunch, schmoozing with the writers and, of course, the weekly post-print burgers ‘n’ beers on our favourite terrace. Nice work if you can get it!