africaJUICE & africaFISH

Logo design

The Dutch-based company BusinessMinds asked me to come up with a logo and brand ID for an exotic juice farm and processing facility in Ethiopia and, later, their ‘sister’ company, a sustainable fish farming business in Uganda. The business model of both these companies is based on setting the benchmark for how foreign direct investment is delivered in developing countries. They operate under Fair Trade principles, have low carbon value chains and high energy efficiency and aim for organic production wherever this is possible.

It is because of their strict adherence to these principles that I gladly worked with these companies in helping to create their visual identities.

The African sun became the centre of the logo idea for africaJUICE and with a little tweak the fruit segments were born from the same celestial body. Much the same as here on earth. From this design, the africaFISH logo remained faithful in its look, with the two colour elements manipulated slightly to represent the fish that are the centre of the business but also to identify the sustainability at the core of the business.

It was a pleasure to work with such an inspired group of people.